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Nicola Fazzini
Mike Tseng
Martijn Vanbuel
Pietro Valente

alto & soprano sax
double bass


This project was born from the cooperation between two important Italian musicians Pietro Valente and Nicola Fazzini, but it was international since the beginning: Pietro Valente after a long journey in Asia, with an intense professional activity in the music scene of Taiwan and China, he recorded “Tales From The Far East” and Nicola Fazzini lived in Italy, France and Austria, and toured in Europe, United States and Central America. The cosmopolitan appeal of the band is powered also by the presence of Belgian bassist Martin Vanbuel resident in Taipei and Taiwanese pianist Mike Tseng.

The project is a “melting pot” of sounds, colors and tastes from all around the world confirming that jazz is not just an afro- american language anymore, it's actually a global one. Exotic rhythms mixed up with Mediterranean melodies, swing feel becoming unexpected Indian grooves, large harmonic western spaces crossed exotic pentatonic scales outlining imaginary bridges between Europe and Asia passing thru America; everything is turned out to create a fresh, interesting and innovative music by a great sense of interplay and unpredictability.